That constant drip from a faucet may be annoying, but you might be able to put it off for a few days if it doesn’t hit anything other than the sink. However, there are certain types of plumbing issues that are too severe to ignore since they can lead to serious property damage that is expensive to repair. Be sure to watch out for any of these warning signs that let you know that you need to take prompt action to get the problem repaired.

1. Mold Problem in Walls

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Mold requires little more than moisture and warmth to grow, and a sewer leak sets up the ideal conditions for spores to thrive. Pipes are frequently run through walls to keep them out of sight, which is why you may not always notice a small leak until it turns into a different type of problem. When mold grows behind the walls, you may notice a musty smell in the room. If the issue becomes extensive, then you may also see black spots on the outside of the walls or notice soggy building materials. Since mold contributes to allergies and illness in humans, you must arrange for the leak to get fixed before more mold starts to grow.

2. Slow Drain

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You should never have to wait more than a few seconds for water or debris to clear the drains. While regular drain cleaning helps to keep lines clear, you need to know that clogs often develop at the lowest part of the system. Main line repair and cleaning services are designed to identify major clogs deep within the lines. Once the clog is found, special techniques such as hydro-jetting can be used to remove it without causing damage to the pipes.

3. Extra Green and Lush Grass Patches

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In most instances, a lush, green lawn is a property owner’s dream. However, this is not the case when you find random patches of fresh vegetation without a known cause. Raw sewage may be toxic to humans, but the decomposing organic matter it contains is a potent fertilizer for plants. Occasionally, pipes taking sewage away from your home leak and generate fertile patches of growth on the lawn. When this happens, sewer repair is critical for cleaning up the landscape.

4. Foundation Issues

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Your house should be built upon a rock solid foundation that supports the entire structure. While some shifting of a house’s foundation is fairly normal, you should be worried if you notice big changes in a short period of time. Sewer pipes are designed to last for many years. However, they do eventually begin to deteriorate due to age or environmental factors such as chemicals in the ground. Once they do, cracks in the pipe can cause sewage to leak into the earth and create a void beneath the foundation that causes it to move. Always be alert for signs of foundation issues such as uneven floors or cracks along the ceiling that signify that your property may require a sewer replacement to stop the shifting.

5. Toilet Gets Clogged More than Once a Month

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Clogged sewer lines are never fun to deal with, but the good news is that proper bathroom habits such as only putting toilet-safe paper down the commode can help you make sure that they rarely happen. Unfortunately, frequent toilet clogs without a known cause are a common symptom of a deeper problem. If your toilet backs up more than once a month, then it’s time to schedule a video inspection of the sewer line to find out if there is a clog beyond your plunger’s reach.

The plumbing system in your property plays a big role in maintaining a sanitary and safe environment. Never delay getting one of these problems checked out. By staying on top of your property’s sewer and drain lines, you can make sure that wastewater is flushed away before it can cause serious damage.

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