What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a high pressure cleaning of your sewer system, blasting off any residual junk or roots growing in the pipe. Hydro-Jetting can clean the main sewer line while lessening the chances of any main line stoppages or future issues to arise. We utilize cutting-edge sewer cleaning processes like hydro-jetting, which involve using a low volume of water (about 18 gallons per minute) under extremely high pressure (up to 4000 PSI) to scour the pipe walls of your waste disposal system.

Jetting is an effective tool to use on multiple types and sizes of pipe — storm and sewer drain systems included! Another example of how SoCal Sewer Construction uses cutting edge technology to deliver sewer repair and replacement solutions is our Hydro-Jetting treatment.

Hydro Jetting

When Would I Need Hydro-Jetting?

When your sewer line is in a pinch it can create a very uncomfortable situation. Sometimes you’ll need more than just and unclogging. Sometimes you’ll need a bonafide cleaning. Grease tends to accumulate, soap and sludge gather inside the pipe and act as precursors to nasty, recurring sewer clogs.

A rotating snake isn’t always going to to the job for your. Don’t just punch a hole in the clog — do away with the clog! It’s time to address the ongoing issues of sludge, and hydro-jetting is an effective answer to the problem. Through hydro-jetting we’re able to more effectively clean the internal pipe for a more long-lasting resolution.

Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

Besides providing a more long-term solutions, hydro-jetting is more economical. When you utilize hydro-jetting you’ll also save yourself maintenance and the need to clear additional blockages for a long time — up to 4 x longer than a typical procedure performed with a mechanical snake.

To summarize, hydro-jetting involves harnessing powerful water force that will not only reduce (or wholly vanquish) blockages which might include tree roots, grease, or sludge, helping your pipes flow freely again. Mechanical snakes and rotating blades can sometimes cause pipe trauma, but hydro-jetting sidesteps this problem.

If you’d like to learn more about our hydro-jetting procedure, please contact SoCal Sewer Construction today. We currently serve the city of Long Beach and its surrounding communities.

We perform a wide variety sewer related services — all under one roof! We cover everything from drain cleaning to hydro-jetting, CCTV sewer video / inspection to pipe lining and pipe bursting. We also do traditional and trench-less sewer replacement, providing our services to benefit sewer systems on both public and private property.

SoCal Sewer Construction, Inc. has the capabilities, the expertise, and the experience necessary to solve all your sewer problems — no matter where they lie.