Your sewer system is one of those crucially essential components of your home or commercial space that most people never think about. That is, until something goes wrong. Regardless of what happens, your sewer system is a necessary component of your everyday life, so it needs to be maintained and repaired if something goes wrong. A major plumbing emergency requires prompt and decisive action. SoCal Sewer Construction provides industry-leading service when it comes to sewer replacement and repair — we’re a reputable company that has earned its permit to work in the public right-of-way!

Why Your Sewer System is Important

Having an adequate sewer system isn’t just a necessity, it’s a responsibility! Adequately-running sewer systems play vital roles in disease prevention and sanitation.

So, When is it Time to Repair or Perform Sewer Maintenance?

There are more than a few ways to tell if there’s something rotten in Denmark — oh, not a big Shakespeare person? Denmark, in this case, is your sewer line.

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Here are a few tell-tale signs your sewer is in need of service or repair:

Bad Odor Sanitary sewers will be air-tight (with the exception of vent stacks). If you’re experiencing any sewer odors around your Long Beach property (or surrounding community properties for that matter), there could be a crack or clog somewhere in the line.

Faulty Draining If your drain slows, this might be an obvious sign that blockage has started to accumulate, leading to clogs and sewage backups. Nobody wants that! If your sink, bathtub, or toilet takes a while to drain, it’s important to address the issue in its early stages.

Soggy Spots on the Lawn Undetected leaks in the sewer line will start to yield soggy, raised patches in the yard. This comes as a result of water gathering underneath the lawn surface.

Septic Waste Pools This one is pretty much undeniable. A broken sewer pipe will result in septic waste water pools forming in the yard. This could be a broken main line, broken septic tank, or even a clogged drain field.

A broken sewer line is something you don’t want to experience. But it happens.

What SoCal Sewer Construction Can Do For You

We provide both traditional and trenchless sewer repair in the Long Beach communities and surrounding areas. SoCal Sewer Service is a full service sewer system repair and replacement company specializing in sewer systems, as well as underground utilities.

We incorporate our own unique, signature approach, which seamlessly blends traditional, old-school methods with and cutting edge techniques, which allow us to better diagnose and solve just about any sewer problem under the sun. Our tried and true techniques have stood the test of time — and so will your sewer system after you enlist our services!