When performing routine maintenance and repair on your property’s sewer system, you might have heard about non-traditional methods of sewer system repair and ask yourself “Why should I consider trenchless sewer repair?”

SoCal Sewer Construction would like to tell you more about trenchless replacement and repair. Trenchless technology gives us the ability to aptly repair and address (or even completely replace) your pipe without doing any damage to your landscaping.

There are 2 popular trenchless plumbing repair solutions:

Pipe Bursting — Involves destroying old, busted piping, then replacing it with completely new material. We use a steel bursting head, inserting it into the pipeline at an entry point. We then run a chain from the head to a targeted exit point. Once we have the bursting head in place, we use it to fracture the old, damaged piping. We attach new pipe to the back of the bursting head. This immediately replaces old, busted piping as the bursting head travels through. Pretty neat if you ask us!

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining — This method reinforces existing pipe, repairing gaps, cracks, or other kinds of faults by treating with an epoxy-coated liner, coating it into the existing pipe. This lining cures to the walls of the pipe — we use a nifty tool called an inflatable bladder. To put it simply, it’s like putting a brand-new pipe inside of the old existing pipe.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Benefits

One of the clear and undeniable benefits of trenchless sewer repair is less lawn and landscape damage. We know that many homeowners take a lot of pride in their lawn and landscaping, which is why we’re pleased to offer this innovative service.

Trenchless sewer repair is less cumbersome work for us and less of an expense to the customer. Of course we enjoy the simple trenchless sewer repair process, which results in less labor-intensive work, less manpower, and we get to pass the savings on down to you!

There’s also zero risk of driveway damage. Trenchless sewer repair will help save your concrete! Trench-based sewer repair can be seriously disruptive to your driveway and patio. Really, we’d just like to help you avoid such pitfalls. We’d like to avoid customers having to replace significant sections of your driveway after trench-based repairs. Our innovative trenchless sewer repair techniques help you avoid unnecessary damage.

Sometimes Trench-Based Repair is Unavoidable

There is a sad fact of life that traditional sewer repair will be required in certain scenarios — if large segments of your sewer line are in need of complete replacement, for instance. Of course we’ll always be conservative with your yard and lawn in every scenario.

SoCal Sewer Construction utilizes cutting edge technology. We practice both tried-and-true methods as well as the newest tricks and techniques to get your sewer system up and running again. We use live camera footage to detect problem areas of your sewer line. When we can, we practice conservative methods like trenchless sewer repair (either pipe bursting or lining) to fix underlying problems.

To summarize, trenchless sewer repair is a faster, less invasive, and generally less expensive option than traditional sewer repair. Ready to learn more? Give SoCal Sewer Construction a call today. We’ll come out and inspect your situation and figure out the most effective and conservative way to fix your sewer system problems.

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